DRS to be Implemented in IPL 2018

DRS in IPL 2018

IPL chairman Mr. Rajeev Shukla confirmed that Decision Review System (DRS) will be implemented in IPL 2018 which is going to start from April 7th 2018.

Most of the cricket leagues are reluctant to use DRS as it delays the match and distracts the joy of cricket. Popular leagues like Big Bash, Carabian Premier League, BPL etc. are not using DRS system. IPL is the only second league around the world to use DRS after Pakistan Super League (PSL).

BCCI’s Stans on DRS

earlier BCCI is hesitant to use it because of technical inaccuracies. After ICC made changes to it and once it started yielding fruitful results, BCCI also started using it with England’s tour in 2016. India is the one of the last country to adopt DRS system and it has been opposing ICC to be made it mandatory in all the formats of cricket till mid 2016. Once it started, it became popular among indian cricket as well with the effect of Dhoni’s perfect use. Sometimes fans even call it as Dhoni Referral System or Dhoni Review System instead of Decision Review System.

According to the sources, in this IPL season, each team will get one review per innings. If team feel on-field umpire’s decision is wrong, they can go for DRS review and the third umpire will check for front foot No ball, Ultra Edge and finally ball tracking. Third umpire can revert or support on-field umpire decision based on DRS result.

BCCI and IPL committee will conduct sessions with the umpires to discuss and train on these plans. These training session will most likely to happen on April 3rd and 4th. Even umpires are happy with the decision as this will reduce the pressure on on-field umpires. We have seen many incidents in the past where single incorrect decision of umpire caused entire match to turn to different equations. Now the teams can go with DRS review and its all upto to team’s to use efficiently.



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